Families and visitors

Families and friends can make a powerful contribution to the success of the detoxification and rehabilitation process, and can be a wonderful source of support and strength throughout recovery.

We encourage those close to our residents to take an active interest in their progress – and will support them to do so wherever we can.

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During detox

Detoxification is a challenging process, so we ask that our residents are left to focus on a medically-led withdrawal from substance use.  Close family and friends are welcome to call or write to residents at Salus Withnell Hall.

We allow residents to retain mobile phones during their stay in our detox facility, subject to our appropriate use policy.  Residents also have access to our in-house IT facilities.

During rehab

One established within our rehabilitation programme, residents may receive or make visits to friends and family during agreed hours at the weekend and on weekday evenings.

Family and friends may be invited to become part of their recovery network, as agreed in personal recovery plans.  They may also join Salus residents at regular community days.


The safety and security of the Salus recovery community is of paramount importance to us.

All residents must abide by a clear set of rules as a condition of their stay with us.  No alcohol or drugs will be permitted at Salus Withnell Hall, and visitors under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to access the grounds.  Visitors will not be allowed if they are judged to be likely to have a negative impact on the wellbeing and recovery of our residents.