Our programme

At Salus Withnell, each of our residents is at the centre of their own recovery – from referral to discharge, and beyond!


Our assessment process focuses on key areas including: alcohol and/or drug misuse, mental and physical health, behaviours and relationships – and offers each resident an opportunity to consider their past and their goals.  This process is robust and often difficult, but clearly establishes a set of shared aims.

Care planning

Each resident is supported by a single care coordinator, who works alongside them to plan, manage and review their journey through the programme. 

We use a comprehensive case management system to ensure each resident is clear about what they need to achieve; and can assess, reflect on and discuss their progress with staff as they review and revise their goals throughout their stay.  All our care plans are based around four key principles:

  • trauma and addiction
  • understanding addiction and supporting recovery
  • relational health and wellbeing
  • everyday health and wellbeing

All our care planning documents are shared, and are completed jointly by staff and residents. 

More about our rehab programme

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