We’re pleased to introduce the new partnership behind Salus Withnell Hall, and our unique single-site drug and alcohol detox, residential rehab and aftercare offer.

Situated within landscaped grounds in the beautiful Lancashire countryside, Salus Withnell Hall provides a seamless, integrated pathway including:

Introducing CAIS

The established team at Salus Withnell have joined forces with registered charity and leading third sector service provider CAIS to offer a one-call solution for local authority commissioners, the NHS, and private referrals.  CAIS brings more than four decades of experience in drug and alcohol treatment, including expertise from the highly-regarded Hafan Wen detox unit in Wrexham.

Salus Withnell: an image of the inside of a room in our detox unit, with two staff in conversation


Our exciting new partnership will deliver

✓   Medically-managed detoxification and high quality rehabilitation – on a single site

We know that the transition between detox and rehab can be challenging for the individuals we work with. By bringing together both services on one site, the Salus Withnell partnership offers a single, 24/7 point of contact, and maximum opportunity to sustain recovery.

✓   Salus Withnell’s holistic approach – seamless and responsive

Our flexible, whole-person approach allows us to tailor programmes to the needs of the individual – addressing a combination of health, psychological and social needs. Our joint detox and rehab package affords continuity of care, seamless transition and responsive treatment.

✓   Competitive pricing – and unrivaled added value

Delivering on a single site, we work together to ensure best possible results for our residents and a cost-effective service for our commissioners. Our range of therapeutic groups, volunteering, and skills-based opportunities, plus aftercare and move-on support, means we offer unrivaled added value for the individuals we work with.

✓   We’ll pick you up – making everything easy

We’ll send one of our friendly drivers to collect our residents, and help you make arrangements to get home safely. We want to make the process as easy as we can, and we like to make sure we provide the best possible service to commissioners and clients from throughout the north of England and across the UK.


Learn more

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